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Building the Next Generation of Wellness Businesses

Wellness Ventures is an Innovation & Venture Studio aimed at developing new digital services/products and business models for the Wellness Industry.

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Wellness Ventures is an Innovation & Venture Studio aimed at developing new digital services/products and business models for the Wellness Industry.

Our mission is to take an active role in shaping the Wellness Industry, creating new ventures – that harness cutting-edge technologies and emerging consumer trends – throughout the Wellness Journey
To achieve our goal, we envision, design and develop new digitally-enabled solutions for the wellness market by partnering with external select startups and innovation partners, or by establishing new ventures with exceptional talents.


Wellness Ventures combines open innovation, startup development and venture capital methodologies into an effective and agile model, made of 4 pillars:

  • An “always-on” process that actively screens the market to identify emerging trends, to extract valuable insights, and to source emerging startups. The ultimate goal is to create an Innovation Flow that is periodically analysed to consider new business concepts to develop.

  • Alternatively, we validate new concepts by developing MVP solutions with our own team and internal capabilities to get quick insights and feedback from the market. Whereas the KPIs set are met, we launch a new digital startup – with dedicated team and financial resources – to quickly scale the new business

  • We test identified new concepts by defining and running pilots projects (product PoCs, market trials, …) with select external startups. If positive results are obtained, we establish structured partnerships (joint ventures, white label / licensing agreements, …)to further develop the tested concepts.

  • In order to support our Build and Partner’s activities, we actively evaluate the business impact of each initiative and provide each project with the right capital to pursue its own growth pattern. In doing this we involve our network of leaders and investors.


We develop projects and ventures that generate a positive impact on people’s wellbeing and work across different wellness dimensions, looking for the most promising ideas, trends, technologies, digital solutions, and talents.

Physical Wellness

  • Lifestyle & Fitness Exercises
  • Indoor & Outdoor Activities
  • Sports & Performance Training

Mental Wellness

  • Mindfulness
  • Stress Management
  • Burnout Prevention

Nutrion Wellness

  • Food Tracking
  • Weight Management
  • Metabolism Optimisation

Social Wellness

  • Personal & Family Health
  • Corporate & Community Wellness
  • Other Wellness Dimensions (e.g. Financial)


Who we are

Wellness Ventures is a Joint Venture between Technogym and Wellness Holding. The Studio is fueled by a talented international team with experience in open innovation, corporate venturing, startup acceleration and digital businesses. Our Studio is located in the heart of the Wellness Valley, Cesena Italy, empowered by an international ecosystem of wellness leaders, digital experts and startup innovators.
Technogym is a world leading brand in products and digital technologies for wellness. Technogym offers a complete ecosystem of connected smart equipment, digital services, on-demand training experiences and apps that allow you to access your personal training experience anytime and anywhere: at home, at the gym, on-the-go.
Over 50 million people train with Technogym in 80,000 wellness centres and 500,000 private homes world-wide. Technogym has been Official Supplier to the last eight Olympic Games and it’s the brand of reference for sport champions and celebrities all over the world.


Let’s talk.

We succeed by working with the best-in-class startups, entrepreneurs, tech & digital talents, and investors to take our projects into the next level. Whether you’re an individual interested in joining the team, or a startup/investor interested in collaborating with us, let’s talk!

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